2020 pattillo Whanganui Arts Review | Sarjeant Gallery Whanganui
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2020 pattillo Whanganui Arts Review

The 2020 pattillo Whanganui Arts Review dates

Submissions day:  Tuesday 18 February
Awards night event: Friday 28 February (War Memorial Hall)
Opening day: Saturday 29 February
Closing day: Sunday 17 May

2020 pattillo project:
Opening day: Sat 15 February
Closing day: Sunday 3 May



Got a question? Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I have some feedback about my work?
A: The judge will make comments about the award winning pieces at the Arts Review awards presentation at the opening night. Feedback on works not selected to receive an award will not be available.

Q: My work won’t be ready on submission day.
A: Unfortunately no works can be accepted after submission day.

Q: I haven’t heard if I have been accepted or not, what shall I do?
A: Letters or emails will be sent to each artist via the email and postal addresses supplied on the submission form. We will also upload a catalogue with all works included in the Arts Review exhibition to sarjeant.org.nz/arts-review. Works not accepted into the Arts Review must be collected from Sarjeant on the Quay on the collection day date stated.

Q: My work was not accepted into the Arts Review exhibition, but I cannot collect it on the collection day – what can I do?
A: A nominated person may collect your work for you, with prior written consent. Collect it as soon as you can. Works will not be stored at the Gallery one month after the collection date

Q: My work was not accepted into the Arts Review exhibition, can I get a refund of my entry fee?
A: No. As stated on the entry form we are not able to refund entry fees due to the staging costs involved in the Arts Review.

Q: Can I donate my work to the Sarjeant Gallery collection?
A: No.

Q: I don’t want it to be for sale.
A: That is fine, please leave that section of the entry form blank.

Q: What is the criteria for selection into the Arts Review exhibition?
A: The selection panel are art professionals and consider all aspects of the works, including idea, originality, skill, composition, technique and other aspects. Please also note that the popularity of this event means spatial constraints may also play a part.

Q: What is the awards judge’s criteria?
A: Each year a different judge takes on this honour and each individual will have a differing set of criteria. All invited judges are respected gallery professionals and experienced in viewing and selecting works for exhibition.