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Endowment Fund

Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund

When the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui reopens its doors upon Pukenamu Queen’s Park in 2023, it is vital to ensure that not only will we have one of the best gallery buildings in the country, but also that the Sarjeant be able to deliver truly outstanding programmes and exhibitions to its audiences.

An endowment fund is commonly established by galleries to acquire artworks for a permanent collection and to help achieve projects that would otherwise be beyond the scope of normal core funding.

The Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund will populate the Sarjeant Gallery with the content that will inspire, engage, educate and entertain the people of Whanganui, the region, New Zealand and ultimately our visitors from all over the world.

The Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund will attend to:

  • supporting the acquisition of works
  • creating major exhibitions
  • collection conservation work
  • securing national and international touring shows
  • producing education courses and opportunities
  • supporting partnerships, and knowledge and expertise sharing


There are a number of ways to support the Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund and help build a legacy for the future


  • Become a Thousand Star by committing to a donation of $1000 over four years or a time period of your choice. Download the Thousand Stars form here
  • Make an online donation to the Sarjeant Gallery Endowment Fund here
  • Discuss further ways of supporting the Sarjeant Gallery by speaking to Greg Anderson, Director of the Sarjeant Gallery. Contact him on




Please be aware that due to COVID Level 2 restrictions, Sarjeant on the Quay can only admit 20 people at any one time into the gallery space to allow for comfortable social distancing. When that number is reached, a one in one out system will operate. Please use our QR code on arrival or sign the register.
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