Planning Your Visit | Sarjeant Gallery Whanganui
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Planning Your Visit

All you need to do is contact Education Officer Sietske Jansma by email or phone direct dial (06) 349 0543 ext. 8276 to make a booking and discuss what type of programme you would like.

We recommend you book in advance to ensure that you get the day and time that you want.


Programmes available


A session based on changing exhibitions at the Gallery.

These programmes run in conjunction with the exhibitions and often include a practical workshop. Resource kits are available for these sessions.


A session based on artworks from the Permanent Collection of more than 8,300 items.

These programmes make use of works from the Sarjeant’s permanent collection and include a practical session. Resource kits are available for these sessions. Please book a week in advance if you wish to view collection works.


A session based on teacher requests.

Teachers ask for a new programme which is developed using the Gallery’s Permanent Collection and becomes part of the permanent programmes on offer. Requests from teachers in the past have been: Birds, New Zealand Flora and Fauna, Observational Drawing, Impressionism and Animals. Resource kits are available for these sessions.  Please book a week in advance if you wish to view collection works.

We are now operating at COVID 19 Alert Level 2 effective 6:00am, Sunday 28th February. We ask that all visitors sign in using the QR code or provide contact details. Physical distancing should be observed; and hand sanitizer/hand washing facilities are available. Education programmes on site at Sarjeant on the Quay are suspended. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.