Sarjeant videos | Sarjeant Gallery Whanganui
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Sarjeant videos

In April 2019 the Sarjeant Gallery commissioned local film makers Double Farley to make a series of short films on the progress of the Sarjeant Gallery redevelopment project. These videos feature the consultants and heritage specialists working on the redevelopment.

Inspecting the construction of the Sarjeant Gallery walls

Assessing the condition of the Sarjeant's stonework

A conservation architect visits the Sarjeant

Generating a 3D scan of the Sarjeant Gallery

Sarjeant Gallery videos

The Friends' Centenary Chandelier takes shape at NZ Glassworks

The Friends of the Sarjeant Gallery have commissioned a beautiful and unique glass chandelier fro martinborough artists, the Crystal Chain Gang. The chandelier has been paid for by individual donations from the many members of the Friends of the Sarjeant and it will be gifted by the Friends to the Sarjeant Gallery on the occasion of its 100th year on Friday 6 September.

Crafted from the fines architectural details of the Sarjeant Gallery at Pukenamu Queen’s Park, this chandelier will be unveiled as part of Turn of a Century: A New Perspective on 100 Years of Collecting and Exhibiting. This exhibition will run at Sarjeant on the Quay from September 7 – February 9, 2020.

The Friends of the Sarjeant Centenary Chandelier will ultimately be permanently and prominently displayed in the redeveloped Sarjeant Gallery at Pukenamu Queen’s Park when it reopens in late 2021.

Warren & Mahoney's 2012 fly through of the new wing of the Sarjeant Gallery Te Whare o Rehua Whanganui

The Warren & Mahoney 2-minute video will take you on a 3D fly-through tour of the proposed Sarjeant Gallery redevelopment at Pukenamu, Queen’s Park.

A guided walk through the Sarjeant Gallery at Pukenamu, Queens Park 2017

Accompany Jennifer Taylor Moore, Sarjeant Gallery Curator of Collections, taking the Wanganui Chronicle on a guided walk through the Queen’s Park Category 1 heritage building. Video courtesy Wanganui Chronicle.

The Sarjeant Gallery Redevelopment Project video (created 2012)

In 2015, Jet Productions NZ Ltd were commissioned by the Sarjeant Gallery Trust to make the 5-minute ‘call to action’ video presented below. Key supporters of the redevelopment voice their support and encourage other New Zealanders to get behind the project.